Cocktail of the week: Amazónico’s Amazónegroni


You’ll need to make this a day ahead, to give the fresh pineapple time to infuse with the alcohol. It’s well worth the wait.

Serves 1

For the sesame solution
1 dash vodka
1 dash sesame oil

For the drink
25ml gin
25ml red vermouth – we use Lustau’s Vermut Rojo de Jérez
20ml Campari
10ml pineapple liqueur – we use Giffard’s Caribbean Pineapple
2 drops sesame solution (see above)
70g peeled and chopped fresh pineapple
Orange zest, to garnish

For the sesame solution, mix equal parts of vodka and sesame oil, and set aside. For the drink, put everything in a jar or container, seal and leave to infuse for 24 hours. Double strain into a rocks glass filled with ice – we use one big block – garnish and serve.